Energy policy

Energy policy

The aim of the energy policy is to appropriately implement the nature and extent of the organization’s energy use and consumption.
We are committed to using our energy consumption efficiently and optimizing it in a continuous improvement process.

Furthermore we commit ourselves to:

  • assuring that the necessary financial and structural preconditions are provided
  • designating responsibilities and integrating all our employees with the implementation and execution of our energy management system
  • considering relevant legal obligations and other requirements
  • performing recurring evaluations of energy usage, consumption and efficiency
  • installing and executing energy efficiency improvement programs in an effective manner
  • procuring energy efficient products and services in order to improve energy-related performance
  • measuring and evaluating results by means of regular audits.

Principles are evaluated for their appropriateness by the management board and personally communicated to every employee by their supervisors. Every superior has the duty to guide and motivate their subordinates according to these principles – also by their personal conduct – and assure that quality, environmental and energy policies are imparted and understood.

The management encourages all employee initiatives that are conducive to the practical realization of quality, environmental and energy policy guidelines.