Energy Policy


Goal of our Energy Policy is to sensibly develop the mode and quantity of energy use within the corporation. We commit to efficient use and continuous improvement of our energy consumption.

Furthermore, we commit to

  • securing the necessary financial and structural prerequisites.
  • integration of all employees for implementation and execution of the energy management system and deploying responsibilities.
  • accounting for all relevant legal obligations and similar requirements.
  • periodic re-evaluations with respect to energy input, usage and efficiency.
  • proper implementation and execution of energy efficiency improvement programmes.
  • procurement of energy efficient products and services that serve to improve our energy consumption relative to turnover.
  • regular audits to evaluate and control the results.

These rules will be reviewed yearly by the company management for continued adequateness and employees are made aware to them by their supervisors. Every supervisor is obliged to direct and motivate his or her staff – also by personal example – according to these rules and to ensure that our quality, environmental and energy policy is communicated and understood.

The company management promotes all initiatives of personnel that serve to practically apply our quality, environmental and energy policy rules.