The company SIEGERT was founded in 1945 by Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Siegert.

During the 50ies the enterprise focused on the manufacturing of film resistors. 1965 was the start of production of miniaturized resistors, dedicated to the hearing-aid industry.

Early in the 70ies SIEGERT introduced the thick film technology, creating an independent business unit: The SIEGERT Hybrid Technology. Due to the high increase in the demand for that technology, in 1975 a new building in Cadolzburg-Egersdorf was set up, expanded in 1980, 1985, 2006, 2012 and 2018.


A piece of original history has been preserved:

  • Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Siegert founded the one-man business „Büro und Werkstätten für Elektrotechnik“ in Zirndorf near Nuremberg on 15 June 1945. The main focus of his work at this time was general electrotechnical consulting and the development of signal generators.
  • Together with a mechanic and two apprentices the owner started bulding radios and signal generators in 1947. A work shop of 50 sqm and a small office were set up in a former hay shack.
  • There, in 1950, the production of carbon film resistors started. This decision and the trend of miniaturization in the electronic industry essentially formed the further development of the company.
  • Already in 1956/57 a factory was build in Cadolzburg to which a extension was added in 1963/64 (Factory I).
  • Since 1969 Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Siegert managed the business together with his son Dipl.-Ing. Albert Siegert.
  • In 1974, shortage of space in factory I and the special climatic needs of a new technology (thick film technology) led to a further factory (factory II) in the nearby industrial area of Steinbach.

Early advertising

From the first publicity leaflets we have put together a short video clip with the original drawings and text in german language. At that time, advertising was a bit different.