Hybrid circuits

Hybrid circuits are electronic modules printed on ceramic substrates. A technology in between semiconductor integration and discrete realization on PCB technology. Possibility of high thermal loading, high reliability and life time, good long term performance and excellent tracking of resistors and good electromagnetic compatibility are just a few of many special features of thick film hybrid technology.

Hybrid circuits are commonly used, when electronic modules have to meet high technical requirements. Among others, this is proved by the internationally successful German Automotive industry. The applications range from motor and gear control units to security and comfort electronics. In harsh environmental conditions under the hood only hybrids meet the high standard:

Space requirements at consumer cost!

Kolektor Siegert GmbH produces thick film hybrid circuits since 1970. Soldered hybrids, through-hole metallizations in ceramics, multilayer circuits (up to 6 conductor layers per side), bonded hybrids, shaped ceramics, Flip Chip on ceramic, power thick film devices and multi chip modules are major milestones of our experience. By focusing on funded R&D projects in the field of micro systems and sensors, we are developing our future. Kolektor Siegert GmbH is among the biggest service companies in the European market, which offer thick film hybrids.

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Application examples for hybrid circuits

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How it works

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