Quality policy

Our goal is that each produced in the company performance – in every workplace, in every function – the highest quality standards and is sufficient to continuous optimization policy of continuous improvement (CIP) is aligned. These specific targets and indicators are established and monitored at appropriate intervals.

The key elements of our quality policy are anchored in the following principles:

  • The future market requirements determine the quality of our products and services. The expectations and requirements of our clients come first. Each and every employee is obliged to ensure the fulfillment of customer requirements best.
  • High quality standards increase customer satisfaction, improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the company and secure jobs.
  • We strive for both our customers and our suppliers to business partnerships, based on the market’s quality requirements.
  • Accuracy of our products and services is permanent objective.
  • Error prevention has priority over mere troubleshooting. When errors occur, the causes must be eliminated.
  • Every employee, every employee is committed to improving the quality of our products and services is continuously and to optimize their activities in terms of error prevention in order to ensure continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • The promotion of quality consciousness of our employees is one of the most important management tasks. Regular training and training will help achieve our quality objectives.