Sensors and thick film technology, that’s synergy. It doesn’t matter, if we are talking on the sensor cell itself, or on sensor signal processing module; analog, digital or mixed circuit functions, different outlines and integration densities and so on. Almost everything is possible. Thick film technology proves its advantages.

Kolektor Siegert GmbH develops, produces and delivers sensor cells, sub modules and complete sensor systems for different parameters, using thick film and PCB technology. For example:

  • distance detection by laser
  • capacitive, inductive and optical proximity switches, CCD-sensors for medical applications
  • pressure sensors
  • magneto-resistive sensors
  • temperature sensors
  • gas sensors
  • bio sensors
  • and many more …

The majority of these modules and sensors are custom made developments. Furthermore we are offering standard pressure sensors, which are developed and produced inside our group.

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Application examples for sensors

If you have technical questions about this topic or need a custom solution, our employees will naturally help you by phone at +49 09103 5070 or by e-mail at